North Cyprus is famously laid back and relaxed, as a whole, has a small town feeling. Things tend to move at a slower pace. From men who sip their coffee whilst playing backgammon to the smiling children who play outside their houses and the old fashioned hospitality of each and every household. Cyprus is a classic Mediterranean gem.


People in North Cyprus are inquiring. They will show a lot of interest in learning about other cultures. They are open-minded with a willingness to understand situations.

Elderly people spend most of their time enjoying conversations with their families, friends, and neighbours. North Cyprus has a hard-working culture, but they embrace having fun and try whenever they can to mix the two, or at least find a way to accommodate both.


It’s easy to spend hours wandering through ancient streets and stumbling across relics, old churches, mosques and silver shops, or bazaars full of carpets and Turkish delight. Sip on limonata (which is lemonade to you and I) whilst enjoying the freshest seafood salad or drive around abandoned villages from thousands of years ago and truly understand what it is to experience life in North Cyprus.


The food culture is very much apparent in North Cyprus. Fruit and vegetables are grown locally. Cyprus is home to many of the world’s favourite foods. The most famous perhaps is hellim cheese, but you’ll also find hummus and kebabs which are far superior to any you’ve tried elsewhere. There’s also mouth-watering mezze, delicious salads and traditional seafood dishes including squid, octopus and sea bass. North Cyprus is almost synonymous with homemade olive oil.


With weekly fresh fruit and vegetable markets, bingo evenings, long walks on the beach, numerous Aqua parks, Casinos, Shops and quality family time, North Cyprus is the place to be.