North Cyprus 24 is a South African based company that can help normal South Africans make the move to North Cyprus also known as the TRNC, who doesn’t want to invest or live in a country with a stable economy and almost zero crime, where your children can grow up playing in the streets or walk to the shop by themselves and just be kids! Where you can invest without fearing that the government will expropriate your property you worked so hard for. Where you can build a future for your children without them being discriminated against? With a fantastic educational system and internationally recognized universities. Where you can retire and have peace of mind that your money will last till your last days.

North Cyprus offers affordable investments with guaranteed rental income and many more opportunities, the government have worked very hard over the past years to build this little paradise island up after the 1974 conflict.

The locals are inviting and friendly, the atmosphere is calm and relaxing, a warm family feeling to the whole island.

Farming opportunities, investments, living on an island has never been this easy.  There is no need for huge amounts of money to be able to have this life.

Contact us today to help you achieve your DREAM of living on a Mediterranean island. Our services are FREE OF CHARGE. No hidden cost, no scams, no fine print just 2 girls on a mission to help our fellow South Africans!







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